Our Story

The majestic city of Varanasi, where every lane is filled with the pleasant smell of burning incense sticks, is the essence of our brand Manbanaras. Banaras is older than History and Tradition, and we are the voice for the finest works of this stunning city. Manbanaras is an online platform to support the traditions and handicrafts of the holy city of Varanasi. 

Our brand proposes hand made and hand woven products of wandering timeless beauty. Our focus is on the maximization of the handmade element in all our products, be it handwoven saris, traditional handicrafts or the authentic foods of Banaras.


Our aim is to bring the weaving community, where every weave is created with a lot of passion and hard work of the weavers, closer to the buyers. We want to enable them to preserve and revive their dying heritage and also earn a comfortable livelihood to support themselves and their families.

Started as an initiative to support and promote artisans and weavers, and bring unique treasures from the heart of Banaras, Manbanaras works closely with them, to support and encourage good craftsmanship.


Manbanaras calls for an “Atmanirbhar Bharat”. We push for raising India’s share in the global economy and prepare for a self- reliant India. We stand for the values of Made In India and Vocal For Local and encourage all to stand by the same. To grow together as a country, preserving the rich heritage and culture of our country, we look forward to some love and support.

Manbanaras takes great pride in carrying forward the legacy and skills of artisans,  pay tribute to the dedication and perseverance of all artisans of India. We aim to always support local, and stand by the weavers.

We provide them with employment opportunities and work on the “Make in India” initiative. We are a platform where artisans of Banaras can directly showcase their products and buyers from all over the world can help support them. We desire to create a global reach for Indian Handicrafts and contribute towards giving back to the oldest city of the world, Banaras.

During times of difficulties during the pandemic, Manbanaras reached out to the sari weavers of Banaras and spoke about their difficulties during these hardships. Our effort is to help them procure the right return for the enormous amount of strenuous activities carried out by them to create exclusive products which is a mirror of the cultural identity of ethnic India.