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Manbanaras - unstitched suits

Master Craftsmanship of Unstitched Suits

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Customise hand-woven fabrics in your choice of styles with our un-stitched collection, comprising of delicate floral prints and traditional motifs in trending colours. Each piece purely hand crafted by the artisans of Banaras, you experience yourself re-connecting to the heritage of India. 

Eternal & Timeless Banarasi Sarees

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We at Manbanaras, redefine traditional weaves of Banaras for contemporary India and for the modern woman of India. The hand-woven saris are true to the holy city of Banaras and capture its entire essence in one fabric of six yards. The skill of weaving preserved and woven to form one beautiful garment that can be worn in a hundred ways!

Banarasi Saree

Heart warming and Delicious Food

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Manbanaras brings to you a whole inclusive experience of the city, food being an essential part of it’s culture. We aim at re-inforcing and asserting the traditional and mouth watering foods of Banaras. We not just provide a fresh product range with authentic flavours of Kashi, we also help in re-storing traditions and keeping signature foods alive and a running  part in households on the nation

Banarasi Unstitched Suits